VenaTech® Convertible™

Vena Cava Filter System

Extraordinary Design For Exceptional Performance

  • Patented design provides safe and effective protection against pulmonary embolism where the patient’s risk is temporary or permanent.
  • A proven, self expanding, conical filter design for effective clot-trapping and preservation of caval patency.
  • Made from cobalt chromium, a non-ferromagnetic metal alloy with MRI Conditional clearance testing, radiopacity, and proven performance.
  • Pre-loaded cartridge for either Jugular or Femoral Introduction.
  • Self-Centering stabilization legs with eight anchoring hooks to securely position the filter in the center of the Vena Cava and optimize clot trapping filtration.
  • Filter head is firmly attached to the filtering legs by a secure locking mechanism and can be safely unlocked during filter conversion procedure.
  • Flexible wire filter design is indicated for use in Vena Cava up to 28mm in diameter.
  • By design, filter contact with the IVC wall is evenly distributed, with no single points of contact or stress points, reducing the risk of IVC perforation.    
  • Unique patented concept of filter deactivation: When clinically indicated, the clot-trapping features of the filter can be deactivated by percutaneously converting the filter to an open configuration.