VenaTech® LP

Vena Cava Filter System

The scientific art of capture. Extraordinary design for exceptional performance. The VenaTech® LP is the new standard in permanent vena caval filtration from B. Braun Interventional Systems Inc., a worldwide leader in the prevention of Pulmonary Embolism with more than 200,000 implants worldwide.

  • Proven conical design for effective clot trapping and preservation of caval patency
  • Unique, patented stabilizing legs and hooks to ensure self centering and optimal positioning
  • Made from Phynox™, a non-ferromagnetic alloy with excellent MRI compatibility, radiopacity and proven biocompatibility
  • Low-profile wire design resulting in minimal intraluminal metal and utmost flexibility
  • Patented dual filter for jugular or femoral implantation to reduce inventory requirements
  • 7F I.D./ 9F O.D. kink-resistant introducer remains kink-free up to 55 degree angulation
  • Radiopaque tip is highly visible for accurate infrarenal placement
  • Leak-free hemostasis valve