Tyshak® & Tyshak II®

Dilatation and Percutaneous Transluminal Vavloplasty Catheters

A low profile reduces sheath size and entry-site complications.

Tyshak® and Tyshak II® catheters are designed with a low profile that delivers high performance. Manufactured from a micro-thin, non-compliant balloon material, these innovative balloon catheters let you use the smallest introducers possible. The reduced sheath size helps minimize vessel trauma and entry-site complications. Short, flexible distal tip gives you superior maneuverability.

With well-defined shoulders and minimum balloon tapers, Tyshak® and Tyshak II® glides easily through smaller and difficult-to-negotiate vessels. Additionally, Tyshak® and Tyshak II® features include exceptionally low deflated profiles and a co-axial shaft designed to provide columnar strength and enhance pushability.