Tyshak NuCLEUS™

Percutaneous Transluminal Valvuloplasty Catheters

Recommended for Percutaneous Transluminal Valvuloplasty (PTV) of the pulmonary valve in the following:

  • A patient with isolated pulmonary stenosis.
  • A patient with valvular pulmonary stenosis with other minor congenital heart disease that does not require surgical intervention.

Available in 4mm - 25mm Sizes
Three Radiopaque Platinum Marker Bands
Waist Allows for Accurate Balloon Placement
Low Profile

The Tyshak NuCLEUS™ PTV Catheter design features a single dilatation balloon on a coaxial catheter shaft. This balloon features a smaller ‘waist’ segment at its midpoint to facilitate locking into the valve or other area to be dilated. This ‘waist’ area will expand to 90% of the rated balloon diameter upon injection of the inflation volume.